Second released Full Album 'WINGS' Edit

'WINGS' is BTS' second Full-Length Album, containing 15 Songs, including seven solo songs by every member released under BigHit Entertainment.

The album got released on 10th October 2016, having 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' as the Title Track and later added 'WINGS: You Never Walk Alone' with 'Spring Day' and 'Not Today'.

Seven Songs are produced and written by every member individually, beginning with Jungkook's 'Begin' and ending with Jin's 'Awake'. Their songs describe their feelings and thoughts, boundaries, difficulties and relationships in life. To every solo song BigHit Entertainment upload Short Films on their YouTube Channel.

In the first teaser of 'Love Yourself: Tear - Fake Love' fans theorize it to be connected to the 'WINGS' Short Films. Every member gave an object, which was shown in the films, to a masked man and receiving another object instead."Giving a piece of the dark past (parts of WINGS) exchanging it with happiness ('LOVE YOURSELF')" is the concept of 'Magic Shop', also a track on 'LOVE YOURSELF: Tear'.

Track Listing Edit