Min Yoon-gi (Hangul: 민윤기), better known as Suga (stylized as SUGA) or Agust D (his solo stagename), is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, composer and producer.

He is the lead rapper of the South Korean boy group BTS and made his debut on June 13, 2013 as a member of BTS on Mnet's M! Countdown with the track "No More Dream" from their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool.

Together with the members of BTS, he went on to win a series of awards and performed at several events such as the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and the award "Top Social Artist" at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA).

Early Life: Edit

  • Suga was born on March 9, 1993 in Buk District, Daegu, South Korea. His family consists of his mother, father and older brother.
  • Before his debut with BTS, he was an underground rapper in a group called D-Town and went by the stage name of GLOSS. He produced a song called 518-062.
  • Yoongi chose to become a rapper after listening to "Fly" by Epik High.

Profile: Edit

  • Birth name: Min Yoon-Gi
  • Stage name(s): Suga / Agust D
  • Date of birth: March 9, 1993 (age 25)
  • Place of birth: Buk District, Daegu, South Korea
  • Nicknames : Suga, Min Suga, MinPD, Sugar, Min Yoongi Genius Jjang Jjang man Bboong Bboong, lil meow meow, motionless min
  • Position: Lead Rapper
  • Height: 175.2 cm / 5'9"
  • Weight: 59 kg / 130 lbs
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
  • BT21 Character: Shooky

Facts: Edit

  • His dog is called Min Holly.
  • Kumamon fanboy, although at a fansign, when a fan asked who would he save if Holly and Kumamon were drowning, he said he would save Holly.
  • He is 25/26 years old (International/Korean ages respectively).
  • Suga has a total of 5 ear piercings. (2 on the right, and 3 on the left)
  • His favorite colors are black and white.
  • Suga is a open supporter of the LGBTQ+ community along with RM.
  • His favorite type of weather is where one can wear short sleeves at day and long sleeves at night.
  • He likes to make rhymes for everyday situations and gags.
  • He likes to tease the younger members.
  • Suga is seen sleeping a lot due to long late hours working in his studio
  • He can do a belly wave.
  • He wants to be reincarnated as a rock in his next life.
  • Suga has fought depression before, having to juggle between food and transportation costs as he often did not have enough money to afford both. Sometimes, when he wrote songs and sold them, he did not get his pay back.
  • He makes many very blunt and savage comments.
    Suga in fansign
  • 3 things he likes: sleeping, quiet places, and places with no people.
  • 3 things he dislikes: dancing, loud places, and crowded places.
  • His hobbies are playing basketball and games, reading comics, and taking pictures.
  • He has a driving license.
  • Suga wanted a tattoo at one point. However, he changed his mind due to wanting to do charity work in the future as well as keeping a pure image for young children. But, if he were to get one, it would be a small dot on his toe.
  • He loves playing basketball. When he was a trainee, he played it very frequently.
  • He loves sleeping.
  • He is bad at Japanese. However, he's been studying it quite frequently and has gotten exceedingly better at it.
  • Many fans suspect that he’s secretly fluent in English.
  • His stage name "Suga" comes from the two syllables of "Shooting Guard" since that's his position in basketball.
  • “Suga,” also the deviation of the word "sugar," by his CEO because he is pale and his smile is sweet.“I got the name Suga because my skin is pale, I’m pretty when I smile, and because I’m sweet. I chose this name because I want to promote sweetly.” - Suga
  • His personality is quite straightforward.
  • When he was younger, he wanted to become an architect.
  • Suga’s motto: “Let’s live while having fun. Doing music as your hobby and doing it as work is different.
  • Suga writes and composes songs daily. He writes even when he is in the waiting room, the car, or on the toilet.
  • He wrote the song ‘좋아요’ (I Like It) in under 30 minutes.
  • When he has a problem, he talks to RM because their age gap is small and they have things in common.
  • He comes from a poor family. In an interview, he disclosed:“After we debuted, I went back to the dorm and sat there staring blankly. I could not believe it, a kid from a poor Daegu family, would be able to make it.”
  • His favorite food(s): Meat, Meat, and MEAT.
  • His favorite drink is Iced Americano.
  • He speaks with a Satoori accent when he’s nervous and when he cries.
  • For him, his charm is his eye smile. He is also proud of his legs as he says that they look feminine.
  • When asked what he would steal from the other members, he said he would steal one thing that you can’t buy with money: Jungkook’s age.
  • All the members of BTS chose Suga as the sweetest member at Fandom School Interview.
  • Suga and J-Hope are really bad at drawing.
  • Suga nearly quit being in BTS on a few occasions. Due to the fact that he was anxious to debut after being a trainee for 3 long years and he was promised that the group would be a pure hip-hop group with no dancing and cliché concepts. 
  • Suga has the highest alcohol tolerance among the members. He can hold his liquor pretty well. His preferred/favored type of liquor is Whiskey.
  • Suga's BT21 character is a magic cookie named Shooky. He's the smallest of the BT21 characters.
  • Of all the hair colors he's tried so far, Suga's favorite hair color is black because it's his natural hair color, though he did state he liked some of the lighter colors.
  • Suga and Jimin are the same height (5' 9"). However, Suga is considered taller than Jimin due to a, barely, 1 cm difference. There are rumors that Jimin is actually taller than Suga now.
  • Yoongi's solo artist name 'Agust D' is 'Suga' spelled backwards and 'DT' stands for Daegu Town. Which is the name of the underground rapper group he was a part of as well as his birth hometown.
  • When asked which member he would bring on a deserted island for 3 years, he chose Jimin. “Jimin. To boss around. Just kidding. I don’t talk a lot, I’m not the fun type, but Jimin is pleasant and mature, so I think it’d work out.” - Suga
  • Suga got into an accident while making deliveries on his bike when he was a trainee. A car hit him at an intersection and his shoulder went under. Resulting in him having a broken shoulder. He revealed he hid his injury from the company out of fear and anxiety that they would let him go and told them he merely hurt his shoulder by falling down the stairs. But he told them later that he actually got hit by a car, and that was the real reason. He revealed it when they were talking about the episode. (Burn The Stage EP.3)
  • During their WINGS tour, the members had a conversation at dinner later on that night about Jungkook's condition (when he nearly passed out). Suga revealed that he went into the bathroom with no cameras around and cried in private because he was scared and worried about Jungkook's well-being. (Burn The Stage EP.3)
  • Among the group members, Jimin's voice is Suga's favorite. (Burn the Stage EP.6)
  • Min Yoongi does a sign were he touches his ring finger to his thumb where the only fingers left up are his pointer, middle, and pinky finger. This symbolizes peace, love, and unity.
  • The younger members, especially Jimin, Jungkook and V, respect Suga a lot as a talented rapper and producer.
  • Suga owns his own studio called Genius Lab. Among J-Hope, RM and Jungkook, who also have studios, Suga is the only one with a bell and a lock on his door.
  • When he starts to argue with someone he wants to hold the others hand, to keep himself calm and stop fighting.
  • He likes to spend his time with J-Hope the most, because he is cheerful and brightens up Suga's mood very quickly.
  • Min Yoongi is seen as a 'cold-hearted' and 'expressionless' person on first sight, but the truth is he's a big softy. Especially to those he cares about and is close with.
  • If he would date, he wouldn't have an ideal type regarding looks, but his partner has to share his passion for music. "I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t have an ideal type" - Suga
  • Suga won his first award as a producer on Melon Music Awards (2017) along with Suran for the single 'Wine' and he became an official member of the KMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association).
  • Suga has a gummy smile.
  • Suga is very introverted and likes to be to himself most of the time. However, when around the other members, he's a lot more outgoing.
  • He has three solo songs from their official discography, “First Love” (Wings), "Intro: NEVER MIND" (HYYH pt.2), and “Seesaw” (Love Yourself: Answer)

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