• BTS love you
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  • Gucci TaeTea

    Army´s BTS

    January 15, 2019 by Gucci TaeTea

    BTS Army here I was a Army in 2016 My favorite song is Idol I like more BTS song but Idol IS my favorie My bias is V I am a vkook shipper I am a dancer my dream is became a backdancer in kpop  but i won´t come ture I am a Exo-l to I love all Kpop groups 

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  • Glitter Breeze

    I was just skimming around YT looking for BTS videos when I suddenly found a video and the title was 70 Things You Didn't Know About BTS. I thought it was interesting, so I clicked on it, but as I went further into the video, it seemed so ridiculous. The names are pronounced so rigidly, and if any of you are a hardcore ARMY like me, you'll know how it's pronounced. Here's the video:

    Watch it for yourself and see. I'm facepalming so hard.

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  • Seokjin04

    i dedicate this blog to BTS Jin for being a part of my life and for loving him everyday. 

    it's just that im not a fan, i am also a spazzer where all of the fans of BTS gives updates about them specially in updating about twitter is what we are doin. we are not related to our fansite nims that gives us a good shots of their pictures and we are thanking them for their work hard just to give a good picture in fans. thats why i wanted to be a blogger about them and also to keep myself in loving them even more.

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  • Jashailalalala


    February 6, 2018 by Jashailalalala

    Now I know for a fact im not the only person in this world who is obsessed with kpop . My favorite band is bts , like when I first got into it , I didn't want to like any other group except for just bts , like it was just so serious . The funny thing is Twice was the band that inspired to become a kpop nerd , but then one of my fiends showed me BTs and I thought that taehyung was cute , so I searched up everything about him and I fell ( you know the word) but the funny thing is , I thought these kids were atleast one or two years older than me , but then I realize they are like 5-8 year older than me , I was kind of sad at that point , but I didn't let go , that was my age is just a number faze . There was another downer and that was I wa…

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  • ParkjiminBTSarmy

                                                                Gerçek Adı: Jung HoSeok

    Doğum Tarihi: 18.02.1994
    Firmae / Yurda Giriş Tarihi: 24.12.201
    Görev: Rap, Dans
    Eser: Grubun Umut Vericisi Değil Kağıdı
    : Gwangju
    Aile: Anne, baba ve abla
    Eğitim Durumu: Resmi açıklama yok
    Boy: 177 cm
    Kilo: 59 kg
    Kan Grubu: A

    J-Hope, doğanın adı dans etmek, beğen dolu bir üye. Grup Hiçbirşey Rüya ile yeni tanıyanların maskesiyle ayırt edebildiği, yurdun temizliğinde sorumlu, grupta ablası bir tek üye. RapMon, J-Hope için "Ben ateşşem, o sudur. Benim kötü alışkanlıklarımı söndürmede çok iyidir" der. Şirkete daha önce katılınca, bir önceki oran vardı. Şirkete katıldıktan sonra Jimin ve Jungkook ile birlikte normal çalışmalar bittiği zaman safra dans etmeye devam ederdi…

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  • Mariyukimu

    to all active members:

    January 14, 2018 by Mariyukimu

    to all active members seeing this, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to create a new Bangtan wikia, considering that there are trolls on the site that we have no control of blocking. There is currently no leader since they dead lmao and it would be nice to have an active leadership role on this wikia... so yeah.

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